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Frequently Asked Questions


1) How does billing and payment work?

Though there are certain projects that we will do as a project rate, the majority of our clients are billed hourly because every client and every project is different, and we believe in only charging our clients for actual time spent on their project. When billing hourly, we keep a detailed time sheet and we bill in 15 minute increments (for example: if we spent 3.75 hours on a project, we only bill for 3.75 hours). We will send you a timesheet and an invoice through QuickBooks Online. Clients will have the option to pay by ACH, credit or debit card. ACH is preferred

2) When will I be billed?

Unless it's a monthly ongoing drafted amount for ongoing services or a large project that has payment due dates, clients are billed weekly. A timesheet and invoice will be sent via email every Saturday for work done the week prior. 

3) What does a proposal mean and how are projects billed? 

For new clients and/or clients with large projects, we often put together a proposal with an estimate of how many hours we think it'll take to complete the project. This happens after our initial meeting about the project and will be based on our understanding of your project. If the project proves to be more complex than initially anticipated, the client asks for additional pieces, or the project goes over the number of hours estimated, we will keep you updated along the way so that you are always in the know. Not every project requires a proposal but we always create one for any client that requests one.


4) How does billing work for Monthly Ongoing Services?

For clients who hire us for services on an ongoing basis, we will provide you with a monthly rate based on your needs. This amount will be auto-drafted on the 1st or the 15th of each month. We will track hours and if the services we provide go over the estimated amount of hours included in that monthly rate, we will bill you at the end of the month for additional time at our normal hourly rates. 

5) Can you teach me how to update my own website once you create it? 

Yes, we can absolutely train you on how to make your own updates to your website. We can teach you via live zoom call or we can make a recorded training for you that you can watch later. 

6) What time frame should I expect to have my project completed?

This will depend upon how many other projects we have and how complex your project is but we will give you an estimated time frame up front. Many projects can be completed within a day or two. It will really depend on the project. Many clients hire us for ongoing services and we work hard to meet client deadlines for each project.

7) Am I billed for the initial 30-minute call where I explain my needs? 

No, there is no charge for the initial informational call so long as it doesn't exceed 30 minutes.

Have other questions?

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